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The unfortunate reality of things is that some people just won’t give you what you’ve worked for and what they’ve promised. Your bills, letters, telephone calls and other attempts are ignored and you are left with a family to feed and no money to feed them. This is where we come in. We make people pay!Don’t worry, we don’t do it Clint Eastwood or Arnold Swazzenegger style, we are tough, yet legal, we don’t take any nonsense, yet we remain prudent.. We specialise in squaring up to and facing the people who presume they can get away with theft, and slapping them
with the full force of the law. 

Kitshoff & Associates CC is based in the Helderberg Administration Area of the City of Cape Town in the Western Cape, South Africa, and have been established since 2002. We are duly registered in terms of the Company Laws of South Africa with Registration No. 2002/084093/23. The company and its members are duly registered with the Council for Debt Collectors of South Africa in terms of the Debt Collectors Act No. 114 of 1998 (Debt Collectors Certificate Reg No. 0014076/05).  The Council for Debt Collectors is the legal body responsible for overseeing the activities of those practicing as registered debt collectors. The company therefore, are compelled to abide to all laws and regulations, code of good practices, ethics and conduct governing the functions of debt collectors.

We specialise in both commercial (business to business) debt recovery and consumer debt recovery (from individual debtors). Our aim is to make our clients the top creditor in their debtor‟s life. Our ultimate goal is to recover our clients debt (including, but not limited to, the re-possessing of vehicles) as fast as possible with no outlay to our clients, tracing services on a no-trace, no-fee basis, and specialise business intelligent services.

In the world of debt collection where you have on the one hand the giant machinelike collection agencies with automations working for them and on the other hand disorganized and unprofessional collection agencies,  there is only one Kitshoff & Associates Debt Collection Agency, a professional service firm in every sense of the phrase with skilled motivated people that really communicate with you, backed by a team of professional legal advisors.


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