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Our team’s mission is to serve our stakeholders by providing relevant and value-adding service that will promote the development and improvement of the industry.

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Our Team’s mission is to serve our Stakeholders by providing a relevant and value-adding service that will promote the development and efficiency of the Industry.  We work in unity to serve out Industry and our diversity enables is to achieve maximum impact.

The 3 pillars for the Association include:

  1. Operations: Setting up and maintaining operations that will increase efficiency and improve the effectiveness of the business. The operations are the engine of this vehicle.
  1. Business Development: Growing the business is an integral part of our success. Growing is not limited to membership or partners only. It includes our service and value add to the industry. Business development is the fuel of this vehicle.
  1. Creativity: This is the most important factor to us: Making an impact! The environment is constantly changing. The needs of the clients are constantly shifting. The industry is constantly evolving. We focus on staying relevant, effectual and exciting, stimulating development and promoting employment, entrepreneurship and ethical conduct. Creativity is the design and engineering of this vehicle.



One of the critical values that we want to encourage is innovation. Like honesty and integrity, innovation is a quality required in both personal and professional areas of our lives.
Courage and innovation goes hand in hand. It is difficult to try something new, think outside the box, and take risk. You need courage for that.

The sky isn’t the limit, unless you tell yourself that. There is no limit other than those that you put on yourself or that you allow others to put on you. This is not to say that one can be careless or foolish, but certainly, a lot of innovative products we live with today or breakthroughs in various industries, were once faced with many resistance.

Innovation and courage also has a friend called perseverance. It’s not always going to happen overnight. You are not always going to succeed at the first try and that is alright. But perfecting the work is like perfecting the art and once it is completed, the joy and value that it brings is worth the while.

The world would have looked so much different if it was not for innovative people that were willing to take action. We enjoy so much of other people’s innovation. It’s time to create our own.

Watch this space for exciting developments!!


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